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The Triple Fish Grilling Basket

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You gotta eat more fish on the barbie!

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Grilled fish on the barbecue, it really doesn’t get an better, and super duper healthy.

Delicious fresh fish grilled perfectly on the grill is a firm favourite in our family. The Triple Fish grilling basket is a brilliant BBQ accessory that allows you you cook up to 3 small to medium sized fish (sort of sea bass size) at a time. Not only does the grilling basket make it much easier to turn the fish when it is ready but it prevent direct contact between the fish and the BBQ grate – that means no more scraping off burnt fish. Plus the Triple Fish grilling basket has a professional non-stick coating, so when the fish is grilled to perfection simply unlock and serve to plate, delicious.

The grilling basket has a heat resistant handle and is dishwasher safe, the latest model has a removable handle which takes up less room in the dishwasher and in the cupboard afterwards.


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