The BBQ Smoker for Wood Chips

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Smoke your food and enjoy “proper” BBQ food this summer

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Product Description

If you love to barbecue but not embraced the world of smoking you have got to get ones of these!

The BBQ Smoker gives your barbecue food the most fantastic smoked barbecue flavour and delicious taste, just how it should be!

The advantage of using a BBQ smoker box is that the chips smoulder and produce smoke rather than burning and producing heat, therefore getting the most flavour from your wood chips and out of your food. The BBQ Smoker is suitable for use with charcoal, gas and electric smokers and grills. Best used with wood chips and wood dust.

There is an excellent range of wood chip flavours avaiable each suiting different food types, you can check out our own range by clicking here.

DID YOU KNOW? You can smoke food using our BBQ food smoker and any BBQ with a lid, so try it out on your existing barbecue. Place the BBQ smoker box directly onto the burning charcoal to produce a steady flow of rich smoke.


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