Sizzle and Sear Griddle

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Professional non-stick coating, a griddle without the sticking!

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Product Description

Add a new culinary option to you barbecue


The sizzle & sear barbecue griddle is a large reversible Grill & Griddle for that chargrilled BBQ look & flavour! The ridged surface allows excess fat to drain away promoting low fat, healthy cooking and it produces the perfect chargrilled look and that unique flavour. The reversible flat side is ideal for pancakes, eggs, grilled sandwiches and much more.

The sizzle & sear barbecue griddle fits over two hob top hotplates, two gas burners or directly on your barbecue grate. It is extremely durable with high heat retention.

This griddle would make a welcome addition to any home & cookware.

  • Cast aluminium design
  • 45cm x 22.5cm Cooking area
  • Suitable for solid, electric, gas & BBQ’s
  • Tasty and low in fat
  • Extremely durable & high heat retention
  • Non stick
  • Dual sided – reversible flat & ridged sides


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