Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork

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Precision grill food and never undercook meats and poultry again!

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Great accessory for your kitchen as well as BBQ time

We are very much traditionalists here at BBQMaster and enjoy to barbecue without too much technology, however we listen to our customers and they were asking for a reliable thermometer… so we introduced our digital thermometer fork, not only does it check whether your food is cooked but a big fork is a handy gadget to have by you side when BBQ-ing.

It is often a fine line between that perfect juicy tasty poultry, Chicken, Turkey whatever and cooking it too much or not enough – eeks!

Cooking steak, beef and other meats to ones desired taste can be difficult. Not any more…

Our fantastic digital thermometer has multiple settings for meat type and taste level. Simply probe your meat and the large LCD screen will indicate whether it is ready and an alarm will signal too when the food is cooked to the selected level. You can select to set the temperature to either centigrade or degrees Fahrenheit.

There is an integrated LED light to illuminate your grilling space when cooking under low light or in the dark.


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