The Beer Can Chicken Roaster

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You will be amazed at the results…Seriously!

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Product Description

Beer, Chicken, BBQ, awesome. You will not cook chicken any other way after you have sampled Beer Can Chicken.

The Beer Can Chicken Roaster is simply a brilliant way to cook your chicken, whether in a conventional oven, charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue.

Why? Using our Beer Can Chicken Roaster as a vertical cooker is the healthiest way to prepare your poultry – the fat drips away and the steam from your beer can keeps the chicken moist and flavoursome. You don’t have to use beer of course, you can use any beverage of you choice or even develop you own concoction – experiment!

All you need is a chicken, a small beer-can (1/2 full) and of course a Beer Can Chicken Roaster! Impress your friends, family and guests with this little fella.

Our Beer Can Chicken Roaster is made from stainless steel and of course is dishwasher safe.


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