Flip n Easy Grilling Basket

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The best veggies you will eat from the BBQ this summer, we promise.

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Product Description

Load up with your favourite vegetables or seafood and get grilling!

The Flip ‘n’ Easy Grilling basket is a fantastic bbq accessory. It is perfect for all small foods that often get lost to the flames as they fall through the bbq grate. Our grilling basket has a simple, easy to use locking mechansim that means your food remains in place during cooking and allows you to easily turn the food – quickly. The basket can easily be adjusted up and down to accommodate for different sized foods.

The Flip ‘n’ Easy Grilling basket has a professional non-stick coating and the handle is heat resistant. You will be pleased to here that our grilling basket is dishwasher safe and even better our latest model has a detachable handle so it takes up less room both in the dishwasher and storage in the cupboard.


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